Make This Lassi With the Season's Last Persimmons


Bright orange, honey-sweet persimmons make a delicious alternative to mangoes in a yogurt-based lassi. [Photograph: Lauren Rothman]

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I've been crushin' hard on persimmons this winter, eating them out of hand, candying them in simple syrup and spooning them over yogurt, or puréeing them and shaking them into cocktails like Old Fashioneds and fizzes. These medium-sized, smooth-skinned fruits still manage to feel exotic because they're mostly found in fancy stores, and only during the fall and winter months.

Because persimmons are just about to go out of season, I've been eating up as many as I can before they disappear, and I urge you to do the same. One of my favorite ways to enjoy this bright, sweet fruit is in a yogurt-based lassi: I simply sub in persimmon for the mango, and I get a pale orange, smooth and creamy drink that's great for breakfast or, like its mango cousin, sipping alongside some spicy food.

Persimmons are mainly available in two versions: Hachiya, which is jelly-like and soft when ripe, and Fuyu, which stay firm even when ripe. Though I generally prefer Hachiya, Fuyu are easier to find, and either will work in this recipe. Just make sure you pick some up in the next few days, or you might miss out!