Simple Drinks: Baby Takes a Nap


[Photograph: Liz Clayman]

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You'll know when I feel perfectly at home at your house. I'll come in...lay down on your couch...and take a nap. I'd like to say I can control it, but sometimes I feel utterly narcoleptic; slinking off the sofa and stretching out, usually on my tummy to avoid the snores. Had I known better, I would've seen it coming from when I was a kid. I was invariably the first one asleep at slumber parties.

I've noticed that this 'condition' most often happens when I've been well taken care of: well fed and properly hydrated. So my friend Liz was none-too-surprised when she shook up this simple and delightful cocktail from the ingredients that were within arm's reach, and found me asleep not long after sipping it, happily napping on her couch.

The botanical and herbaceous nature of gin complements the chamomile in this perfect-for-spring cocktail. Rather than sweetening with regular simple syrup, it calls for an easy honey syrup (just honey thinned out with warm water.) It adds extra interest to the flavor, latching in to the aromatic tea. I recommend trying this cocktail with whatever tea you may have left over in the tea pot from the morning, or whatever big batch of unsweetened iced tea you make and stash in the fridge. Take care of yourself and shake yourself up this drink. And then, baby, take a nap.