Reinvigorate Your Resolutions With These 25 Juice and Smoothie Recipes

Recipe Roundups

All the recipes you need for cocktails, juice blends, milkshakes and more.

I'll admit it. My lofty New Year's resolutions went out the door just about as soon as I woke up with a hangover courtesy of New Year's Eve. But there's no reason to give up permanently, and February's as good a time as any to recommit to whatever we were all vowing: eating breakfast, fitting more vegetables and fruits into our diets, hitting the gym...(That one! I really mean it this time!)

Every weekday this past month, we shared a new juice or smoothie recipe. Some of these drinks are vibrant and green, some sweet and mellow, some thickened with stick-to-your-ribs yogurt, and others vegan-friendly. Here they all are—plus a few old favorites—in case you're looking for a little inspiration for your still-kinda-the-New-Year-resolutions.

Go Straight to the Recipes

Green Grapefruit Ginger Juice
The Californian Smoothie (Avocado-Berry Smoothie)
Tangy Kumquat-Pear Juice
Simple Orange-Carrot Juice
Easy Mango-Blackberry Smoothie
The Maine Squeeze (Blueberry, Oat, and Ginger Smoothie)
Asian Pear, Basil, and Lemon Juice
Orange Sweet Potato Juice
Date, Tahini, and Cardamom Smoothie
Melon-Mint Smoothie
Buffalo Green Juice
Peaches and Cream Smoothie
Spicy Red Juice
Gateway Green Smoothie
Orange-Tangerine Smoothie
Easy Upgraded Bottled Juice
Balanced Green Juice
Here, Lassi!
Pineapple Parsnip Blood Orange Juice
Simple Pink Pineapple Juice
Top Banana Smoothie
Refreshing Green Juice
Gingery Sweet Potato Apple Juice
Neer More (South Indian-Style Spiced Buttermilk)
Thai Mango-Pineapple-Coconut Juice