From the Blender: Apricot-Yogurt Smoothie

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Dried apricots, yogurt, and orange juice come together in an exotic-tasting morning libation: think mango lassi, but with apricots instead. [Photograph: Lauren Rothman]

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As much as I love the sweet, soft pears and tart, crisp apples of winter, there comes a point in the season when I just can't stop daydreaming about the juicy, eat-over-the-sink stone fruits for which I'll have to wait a few more months: peaches, plums, and nectarines, and, one of my personal favorites, tender, bright-orange apricots.

I guess I've already reached that point, because I've been craving apricots something fierce. I decided to do a little web searching to see if there were creative any ways to use the dried version. I ended up watching this jazzy YouTube video demonstrating a recipe for Qamar Al-Din, a sweet and smooth apricot drink that's popular across the Middle East—where apricots grow in abundance—especially during Ramadan, when the fruit's natural sugars provide a quick boost of energy.

I liked the basic idea here, but I also realized that what the drink most reminded me of was a mango lassi, that beloved, yogurt-based Indian smoothie. I thought: what if I make a mango lassi, but with apricots instead?

And I'm so glad I did. This smoothie combines soaked dried apricots with rich, tangy yogurt and a dash of acidic orange juice, resulting in a creamy, not-too-sweet drink that's heavy on apricot flavor. As a nod to both the beverages that inspired it, I add just a touch of floral orange blossom water, elevating three ingredients that you probably have in your house right now into an exotic-tasting morning libation.