From the Juicer: Gingery Sweet Potato Apple Juice

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This winter juice makes the most of seasonal produce, turning boring old sweet potatoes into a mellow beverage that's lightened with apple and spiced with fresh ginger. [Photograph: Lauren Rothman]

As an avid cook, a passionate eater and an amateur urban gardener, I'm way into seasonality, getting excited, even, by the pounds and pounds of carrots and squash that show up in my winter farm share each week. Hearty winter root vegetables can get tiresome to cook up week after week. Luckily, they're ideal for the juicer, with intense stored-up sugars providing a blast of sweetness and energy that helps stave off the winter blues.

I'm somewhat new to juicing, and I'm still figuring out which vegetables work and which don't. So I was super excited to read Carolyn Cope's recent post about sweet potato-orange juice, which she described as possessing a "surprising creaminess that blends well with a wide range of flavors." Finally, I thought, I'd have something to do with my loads of sweet potatoes other than roasting them or tossing them into every soup I make. I couldn't wait to try juicing the bright orange tubers.

I found that Carolyn was right: sweet potatoes juice up extra thick and frothy, with a mellow sweetness that I felt cried out for a hit of acidity. Enter apples, whose tartness and brightness in this juice provides the perfect counterpart to the potato's starchy richness. A hit of fresh ginger brings some spice to the party, rounding out this simple, satisfying three-ingredient juice.