From the Juicer: Refreshing Green Juice

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[Photograph: Donna Currie]

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I'm not really into the super-green juices that taste like fresh lawn, but that doesn't mean I don't like green. This drink is the most refreshing green juice combination that I know. Lemon makes an important appearance here to add some brightness, and cucumber serves as the cooling core. It's essential to include a pinch of salt: without it, the cucumber flavor gets lost and the juice tastes a little flat.

How green-colored your juice will be depends on whether you've peeled the cucumber or not. It's up to you: you may want to taste a bit of peel and see if it's bitter, and avoid juicing the peel if it's been waxed.

To round out the flavor, I added celery and fennel, and though I expected the fennel flavor to stand out, this isn't a juice that anise-phobic folks need avoid. The predominant flavor here is the cucumber, backed up with bright lemon and the mingled flavors of the other vegetables. If you're into garnishes, a dollop of Greek-style yogurt would be very appropriate here, with a fennel-frond stalk or a celery stalk as a stir-stick.