What Would You Choose for Your Last Drink on Earth?

The Gilsey at The NoMad, NYC

[Photo: Alice Gao

It's a standard question on the Serious Eats community member profile—what would you pick for your last bite on earth? (Max says steak tartare, Ed listed Gus' World Famous Fried Chicken, Kenji went with mapo dofu.) But what about drinks?

If you had time to pour yourself one perfect drink before the end of time, would it be a classic Martini? A well-made Negroni? A pint of Pliny or Guinness? A chocolate milkshake...spiked with bourbon?

Awhile back, we asked some bartenders what they would choose for their final sip. Some said fancy Scotch or bourbon, or swimming pools full of cocktails with friends, though a few went for the pun and picked the Last Word.

It's your turn: what would you pick for your last drink on earth? Tell us what you'd choose in the comment section below.

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