From the Juicer: Pineapple Parsnip Blood Orange Juice

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Bright in taste and creamy in texture, this mix of pineapple, parsnip, and blood orange juice is a winning combination. [Photograph: Lauren Rothman]

As a juicing newbie, participating in January's From the Juicer series has been a minor revelation for me: In no time at all, I've moved from the simplest Juicing 101 combos to some far-out juices like spicy bell-pepper tomato and hot-sweet southeast Asian fruit juice.

Without a doubt, the most valuable addition to my juicing repertoire has been starchy root vegetables such as sweet potato and parsnip. Putting these veggies in a juicer might seem counterintuitive, but they add a wonderful creamy texture to juices that can otherwise be tasty but watery.

This recipe combines the tropical flavor of fresh pineapple with the tang and lovely blush color of blood oranges, one of winter's tastiest and prettiest citrus fruits. A dose of parsnip juice rounds out the sharpness of the other two ingredients and brings a smooth, rich texture to this invigorating cold weather drink.