From the Juicer: Green Grapefruit Ginger Juice

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[Photograph: Carolyn Cope]

January and jet lag are vaguely synonymous in our household, as they are for many folks who travel long and far for the December holidays. The first morning I woke her up for the new school term, my kindergartener just looked at me with squinty eyes and a cocked head, clearly thinking, What kind of idiot mom wakes me up for school in the middle of the night? The second day she yelled, "Not THIS again!" and fell immediately back to sleep.

This first round of jet lag is totally socially acceptable. People have their strategies—melatonin, a noontime swim in the sunlight, pawning off the kids on a neighbor for the week. (Just kidding...unless?) None of these strategies actually work, so pretty much everyone except alpha lifehacker types just suck it up for a few days with the expectation that one day soon the will to live will return.

But there's a second wave of jet lag that, regrettably, nobody really talks about. It's the one that, if you don't look it in the eye, could leave you thinking oh well, maybe 2014 is just going to be a bust of a year. It's the one that for two weeks makes you feel like the only project you can motivate for is the whole second season of The Mindy Project. I'm outing that one today. And I'm giving you some help getting through it.

Hey, jerky January jet lag. Meet Green Grapefruit Ginger Juice. (Yup, it's a battle of J- and G- sounds, because, you know, the kindergartener.) It's crisp and refreshing and positively buzzworthy, in that fresh grapefruit juice always gives me sort of a weird little buzz of mild hyperactivity that's exactly what a girl needs to combat jet lag phase two.

And with a serious but mild-tasting dose of spinach and a little zing from ginger, you won't find yourself drifting into jet lag phase three. Which, let's be real, is not a thing. At phase three you're just milking it. Instead of milk, let's stick to juice.