Simple Orange-Carrot Juice

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[Photograph: Donna Currie]

I like orange juice, but wanted to create something a little heartier, and not as acidic. Sweet carrots are an ideal addition. As a bonus, the carrot color made the juice even more orange and bright, and it gave the drink a little more body.

Orange juice is usually all about the flesh of the fruit, but I included one peel for the orange oil. If you've ever zested citrus, you know what that's about—the skin has deep flavor without as much of the puckery tartness of the fruit.

I usually juice oranges with a squeezer or a reamer, but decided that since I was tormenting other fruits and vegetables, it made sense to use the electric juicer, and I was very pleased with the results—I got a lot of juice with very little fuss.

Ginger is intended to be a subtle back note in this juice, so I was conservative—if you love ginger, you can always add more. But taste as you go; ginger can get really strong really fast.