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[Photographs: Carolyn Cope]

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This weird and wonderful beverage is my new favorite juice, and that's really all you need to know to understand my approach to 2014. It's savory and as spicy as you like. It contains raw garlic and so is definitionally a bit antisocial. Not only do I not care, but I'm pretty psyched about that feature. It tastes a little like gazpacho despite the lack of tomato and a little like the trimmings on a hot wings platter despite the lack of deep-fried chicken and blue cheese. What can I say? It's a little bit magic.


Savory and spicy may not be the first characteristics you'd expect in a juice, but once you try this flavor combination, you may find you can't kick the habit. Which would be okay, because a green juice habit would make both a healthy and a stylish accessory to tote around in the new year.