From the Blender: Peaches and Cream Smoothie

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It probably won't surprise you that I had summer fruit desserts in mind when I set out to make this smoothie. It's not even February yet and I'm already dreaming of crisps with a kick of ginger and simple yogurt cakes studded with stone fruit. So here I am in January, with a smoothie that combines all those summery flavors.

A couple of years ago, I made some peach ginger jam that turned out thoroughly underwhelming thanks to some textural drama. I loved the flavor combination, though, and have been putting peaches and ginger together ever since. Peaches, even at their peak of freshness, can be a bit one note and really benefit from the hit of spice that ginger provides. Because we're blending fresh grated ginger with frozen peaches in this drink, the heat of the ginger is especially pronounced—and delicious!

I pulled in rich whole milk kefir to round out this creamy smoothie. Kefir has a full-flavored tang that really shines with fruit. Maple syrup adds a bit of the deep caramelized flavor that comes from baking fruit.

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