Check Out Our Map of 50 States, 50 Beers We Love


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We love it. And you've voted. See which is the best American beer city.

We've been drinking a lot of beer. For work. (You too? It's tough, right?) Starting early last fall, the Drinks team started really buckling down, seeking out beer from all around the country, tasting hundreds of bottles and cans, old favorites and new releases, awesome saisons and Imperial stouts, pale ales and porters. The result: this map, sharing fifty of our favorites from the fifty states.

If you were to go on a dream road trip, stopping for a pint at the end of the day and collecting beer souvenirs and awesome bottles along the way, where would you go? What's your top beer in Alaska? California? Massachusetts? What's your favorite brew in Florida? We want to hear from you! Please share your picks in the comments below.

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