We Try UV Sriracha Vodka


C'mon, you had to know this was coming. In fact, we're kind of surprised it took this long. Sriracha has become so ubiquitous that it's showing up at Subway, and we've run a taste test to find our favorite version; now, you can add Sriracha flavored booze into your favorite cocktail. You may begin rejoicing.

Despite the red glass bottle that might suggest otherwise, UV Sriracha pours clear. It's not a Bloody Mary mix. (Though you can find that, too.) It smells like fresh peppers, both spicy and sweet, and that sweetness comes through in the flavor too, much more than we would've expected.

At first, this flavored vodka is pretty sugary, with the heat following after and hitting the back of the tongue. We'd say it ranks lower on the Scoville scale than the actual sauce, but there's still a bit of a burn. Still, we've gotta share some bad news. It's a stretch to say that UV Sriracha Vodka tastes like sriracha. It doesn't have that big, bold, vinegary and garlicky umami flavor. If you're expecting rooster sauce delivered in vodka form, you may be disappointed.

That's not to say this stuff doesn't have its value. It's a natural for mixing into a Bloody Mary—add one part UV to three parts Bloody mix. But it doesn't stop there: the company also suggests using it to spice up a fruity margarita or even a martini. We can't say it'll make a regular appearance in our home cocktails, but at $12 for 750mL, you won't likely regret it if you buy some for a joke.