We Want to See Your Latte Art!

Latte Art: How to Draw a Rosetta on Your Coffee

[Photo: Alice Gao]

Hey baristas and home-baristas: are you into making latte art? Do you draw creative designs on the top of your cappuccinos? Are you practicing making milk-foam flowers and even faces? If so, we want to see it. We're gathering a 'Show and Tell' post of awesome latte art...made by you!

Want to share? Email us a photo of your best work—one image, and it must depict latte art you made along with a sentence or two on what it is and how you made it. For extra credit, please include your tips: how did you learn to make this design (or others)? What latte art advice do you have?

Last day for submissions is Monday, November 18th.

Just getting started and need a few tips? Start with these fundamentals, and then get specific with this guide to making a rosetta and this piece on drawing tulips.