Behind the Scenes at Casa Herradura Tequila Distillery

Behind the Scenes

Your ticket into the secret world of boozemaking.

[Photographs: Andrew Strenio]

Note from the author: On a recent press trip hosted by the Brown-Forman Corporation, I visited the Herradura Distillery in Amatitán, Mexico to see how their tequila is produced.

As the third largest tequila producer in Mexico, with the largest single facility for 100% agave tequila by production volume, Herradura is an institution in the tequila world. The company's history stretches back for almost 150 years. I traveled to Herradura curious about both the size of the operation and what went on within; wondering how they would balance tradition and history with modern production demands and techniques.

The Agave Family

Herradura produces not only their flagship tequila, the Herradura line, but also El Jimador, Antiguo, Pepe Lopez, and a handful of products that aren't yet available on our side of the border.

If you're a newcomer to the wonders of tequila, you may want to give our guide a read to get all of your history and terminology straight. Then put on some mariachi music and come join us for a virtual tour of Herradura's operation in action—from the agave nursery to the harvest, the giant clay ovens to the fermentation tanks, the stills to the barrels, and everything in between.