How to Make Eastern Standard's Equinox at Home


[Photo: Lizz Schumer]

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Eastern Standard in Boston is just a homerun away from Fenway Park, and often caters to a crowd wearing the home colors. That atmosphere doesn't leave much room for pretension, and bar manager Kevin Martin has become known for coaxing house cocktails into the hands of even the most dedicated beer-swilling crew. The fact that his Equinox cocktail tastes like cozy in a glass might not be a shock, given Martin's ability to make anyone feel right at home, even while sipping something surprising.

The base spirit in the drink is Calvados, distilled from apples in France. Martin says the apple brandy captures the flavor of "fall in New England." He cooks up a special spiced syrup to play up those characteristic fruits in the sweet and spicy way we know best as apple pie, but he didn't leave it at that.

"I came up with the drink concept while playing around with Calvados in a classic sour recipe, which includes sweet and sour parts," Martin explained. He added fresh lemon juice for that tart note and a dash of Angostura bitters to deepen the flavor. The result: a cocktail that's sweet, spicy, sour and comforting all in one.

"It's a pleasant, easy-drinking seasonal cocktail to get people out of their comfort zone and has developed something of a cult following at Eastern Standard," says Martin. This one is sure to develop a following outside of Sox territory, as well.

About the Author: Lizz Schumer is a writer, editor, photographer and foodie living and working near Buffalo, N.Y. She is the author of "Buffalo Steel" and the editor of a small, weekly newspaper. She writes about food and drink on a freelance basis and can be found online @eschumer or