Send Us a Photo of Your Favorite Mug!


Calling all lovers of silly, geeky, funny mugs. [Photograph: ThinkGeek]

My parents-in-law have a whole cupboard full of ridiculous mugs. Some were gifts, some were travel souvenirs, some were from conference goodie bags, and others no one will admit to buying. It's hard not to laugh when you open the cupboard door, but generally I'm not that likely to drink from the mug with the girl in the disappears-when-heated bikini on it.

Do you have a mug collection? Do you have a favorite vessel for coffee or tea whose primary purpose is to give you a morning chuckle? Do you collect mugs from your travels or buy funny mugs for your friends? We want to see them.

We're scheming a show-and-tell—just send us a photo of your favorite silly, funny, or geeky mug via email (to [email protected]). Include a few lines about why you like it or where you got it, and we'll share it with the SE community next week. Be sure to include your SE username if you have one, and where you're located.

The deadline: Tuesday 10/29 at 12 noon EST or before. Note: keep it PG-13, please.