First Look: New Brunch Cocktails at Saul at the Brooklyn Museum

We check out the new brunch cocktails at Saul at the Brooklyn Museum. [Photographs: Maryse Chevriere]

Note: First Looks give previews of new drinks and menus we're curious about. Since they are arranged photo shoots, we do not make critical evaluations or recommendations.

"It's exciting and fresh and there's a lot of good energy floating around. While I dearly loved and miss the charming, tiny bar on Smith Street, it's really nice having a lot more real estate and equipment at our disposal. Which is at the heart of the game here really—adaptation and innovation, with a healthy respect for the past," explains Dan Carlson, head bartender at Saul.

In its new home at the Brooklyn Museum, part of that adaptation and innovation includes the introduction of a brunch and lunch service with a new list of cocktails to match. According to Carlson, the daytime offerings are "a little more on the easy-going side, more focused on light, crisp, refreshing, fruit-forward drinks that wouldn't be too heavy or boozy in the early afternoon."


Dan Carlson behind the bar.

Expect to see seasonality to play a role, with drinks like the Red Leaf, a rum-based concoction featuring a Honeycrisp apple and pear shrub.

"We've also got some mocktails on the list so people who don't drink won't have to settle for sugary sodas or seltzer with lemon, most of which I come up with then I'm working the bar and looking for something non-alcoholic to sip on during my shift," says Carlson.

He notes also that while the overall opening program has retained some of the "classic" Saul cocktails—offering regulars a familiar touchstone and new guests a sense of their thought process—the plan is for the number of old favorites on the list to dissipate in the coming months. "In the winter we'll have less of the originals and more stuff that's been developed here in this new space with this renewed energy. And we're constantly in communication with the kitchen about what they're doing and how it could be used in a cocktail application."

Head over to the slideshow for a closer look at Saul's new brunch and lunch cocktails (all $13).