20 Ways to Use Apples in Cocktails

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It feels like all fall drinks should use apples in some way, but it turns out that adding apples to cocktails isn't the most straightforward thing. Apple puree can turn your drinks into mushy baby food that clogs up a straw, and apple juice can water your cocktail down without adding enough punchy flavor. Luckily, you have other mixing options, including apple cider (both hard and the fresh, unfermented kind), apple brandy, and assorted apple liqueurs and bitters.

Here are 20 recipes for cocktails, punches, and toddies that bring apple flavor to the forefront, just in time for autumn sipping.

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Fall Classic
Apple Fennel Punch
Apple Toddy
Pom Pomme
Applejack Rabbit
Bourbon Maple Cider
Apple Crisp Cocktail
Apple Sangria
The Honey Ryder
Gin-Applejack Punch
Sweet New Year Cocktail
Hot Ginger Apple Cider With Applejack
Sazerac and Cider
Honeymoon Cocktail
The Outcider
Hard Cider and Crème Yvette Sparkler
Autumn Sweater
Apple Blow Fizz
Pumpkin Bourbon Cider Milkshake
Pomme en Croute Cocktail

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