We Try Mountain Dew Game Fuel Electrifying Berry


We try Pepsi's latest video game-inspired Mountain Dew flavor [Photo: Nick Guy]

In the proud tradition of flavors celebrating video gaming touchstones such as the Call of Duty and World of Warcraft, PepsiCo is back with its latest limited edition Mountain Dew Game Fuel, this time to coincide with the launch of Microsoft's Xbox One. They're re-releasing the original Citrus Cherry flavor and rolling out Electrifying Berry; both limited-time flavors will be available starting in early October.

Electrifying Berry is purple, although it's not as dark as your average grape soda, which can often look just a few shades lighter than black in the bottle. This purple is light enough that you can see through it in a glass; it's the kind of color that marketing executives would think kids playing video games would like.

The Pepsi folks don't get any more specific about what kind of berries this soda is supposed to taste like, and, not too surprisingly, the label doesn't list anything more detailed than "natural flavor." The Mountain Dew wiki—yes, there is such a thing—conjectures that the flavor is actually a combination of goji berry and strawberry, although the wiki's editors say that's yet to be confirmed.

In our taste test, we got a little bit of the strawberry, but also some blueberry, and even grape, layered on top of a distinct Mountain Dew base. We're reminded of Baja Blast, the Taco Bell-only Dew flavor, with a bit less of the citrus bite, and a heavier syrupy taste. It grows on you after awhile.

Do you have a favorite limited edition soda that's available now or has sadly vanished from the shelves? Are you going to try this one?

Sample provided for review consideration.