What's in Your Home Bar?


Everyone who walks into my house stops and stares and my liquor collection. It's a little odd, I know, to have a full bar in your dining room, but I am constantly testing cocktail recipes and sampling new spirits, so the shelves just keep filling up. I'm curious, though, about other folks: whether you're a make-it-at-home pro stirring up drinks for dinner parties or a just-getting-started explorer of whiskies, if you have a collection, I'd love to hear about it.

Send Us Photos!

Next week, we're gonna feature YOUR booze collection: your liquor cabinet, booze shelf, closet gathering, or mantelpiece lineup of spirits, liqueurs, and other drink-making ingredients. Got cool glassware? Show us that too! We want to see whatever you've got—maybe we can even recommend what you should be mixing with it!

Maybe you're out of gin again, or maybe gin's your jam and you have a different bottle from every local distillery. Either way, send us ONE photo (at least 600 pixels wide) of your stash and tell us what's in your collection. What are you proud of? What do you drink the most? What's your go-to, and what bottles just seem to gather dust? Take a snapshot this weekend and email your photo and description to [email protected] by Tuesday, September 10th. Let us know your SE username and the city where you're based, too!

We'll share all the photos here—plus some from the Serious Eats team—next week!