Ask a Bartender: What Bar Gadget Do You Covet?

Ask a Bartender

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Kat Dunn of Fish & Game in Hudson, New York

Who doesn't love toys to play with? Sure, you can make plenty of drinks with nothing fancier than a shaker and strainer, but gadgets have their place behind the bar, too. We asked some of our favorite bartenders about the one bar gadget they'd want.

Here's what they had to say.

Jason Wiles of Poste Moderne Brasserie in DC.

"I would love to have a Perlini Carbonating System for making carbonated bottled cocktails." — Jason Wiles (Poste Moderne Brasserie)

"We're actually loaded up on cool equipment at Pork Slope. We just installed a Kelvin Slush machine, as well as a Big Buck Hunter and a table top classic arcade game featuring Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Frogger, + 35 more. But I think it would be pretty dope to have a row of Shiatsu massage chairs. Nail salon style." — Peter Abbruscato (Pork Slope)

"I think the Rotovap would be the one. I take donations." — Jonathan Harris (Firefly)

"Maybe it doesn't count as a piece of 'equipment' but I have always wanted a dozen shaker boys like Henry C. Ramos to make a proper Ramos Gin Fizz." — Kat Dunn (Fish & Game)

Beer and More

Brian Means of Fifth Floor in San Francisco

"A tap system for beers and cocktails or a shaved ice machine... I know it said one but I thought I'd push it for two!" — Brian Means (Fifth Floor)

"I would love to own a Clinebell Ice Machine. I fell in love with crystal clear ice a long time ago and the affair isn't over yet." — Darren Crawford (Krescendo, Bourbon & Branch)

"Pedals to turn the sinks on and off." — Greg Sorrell (The Patterson House)

"An automatic juice press would be amazing." — Justin Fairweather (Evelyn Drinkery)

Brooklyn Gin

Pamela Wiznitzer of Dead Rabbit in NYC

"Slushie Machine 100%. I grew up in a family obsessed with Slurpees (we still are) and there's nothing I love more than combining two of my favorite types of drinks: slushies and booze. It's a winning combination." — Pamela Wiznitzer (Dead Rabbit)

"I want a blender so I can make blended drinks and serve them to people in Ball jars with extravagant garnishes. It would be fun and I want people to have fun while i'm working." — Elizabeth Powell (Liberty Bar)

"I like everything to be really fresh and my garden is quite small so a UV/Hydroponic system would be my call." — Lauren Lathrop Williams (Jsix Restaurant)

"The Coravin wine dispenser. It's pretty new to the market but I want one." — Brian Kane (Zahav)

20130819-bartender-pinch_James Tai.jpg

James Tai of Pinch in Yonkers

"The beer drinker in me could definitely use a beer engine to serve cask conditioned real ales." — James Tai (pinch)

"I'd love to have one of those machines that quickly rinses out your cocktail shakers installed. I don't know what they are called but I've seen them in a couple of places and am always filled with jealousy." — Armand Rodriguez (Juvia)

"I would like a whisky ball ice machine capable of instantly making an ice ball in 2 seconds flat. I say 2 seconds because during periods of high volume every second counts." — Barbaro Dominguez (Juvia)

"My absolute favorite is the new Perlini system, a carbonation system for bottled cocktails. My second choice would be a small blast chiller, followed by a small liquid nitrogen tank." — Dean Feddaoui (Jackson 20)


Griffin Elliott of Sepia in Chicago

"I would love to have a blast freezer behind my bar. Ice makes me happy." — Griffin Elliott (Sepia)

"A crushed ice machine would always be nice; that way the 'slapchop' is no longer necessary." — Adam Karpf (Oak)

"A compressed liquid nitrogen system, but a centrifuge sounds pretty awesome, too!"— Matthew Perry (Belly & Trumpet)

"A Hoshisaki or Kold Draft ice machine. Hands down." — Sarah Mengoni (South Water Kitchen)

"I'd love to have a frozen daiquiri machine behind the bar, although it's something we never will. A boy can dream, though." —Mike Ryan (Sable)

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