Pairings Pictured: Blanc de Blancs Champagne

Pairings Pictured

Wine artist Hawk Wakawaka explores food and wine pairings, visually.

Note from the Artist: Wine and food are opportunities for pleasure and sharing. But wine can often be seen as daunting, making pairing it with food feel difficult. I draw illustrations about wine to express the fun and love for the experience that can also be found. In this series, I want to share a quick insight into wines that are great for the season and the foods they love to spend time with. Enjoy!

Champagne pairing drawing by Hawk Wakawaka lo-res

How to pair 100% Chardonnay Champagne with food. Click to enlarge. [Illustration: Hawk Wakawaka]

There is nothing better than a woman that knows herself so well she has nothing to prove. She has no arrogance, only certainty. That is the true nature of Chardonnay-based brut Champagne. She's a true aficionado: enthusiastic for her work, as well as leisure, she seeks only to revel in the joy of what she's doing.

Blanc de blancs Champagne is so vibrant in its acidity it wants nothing more than to throw itself with passion into food—comfort foods, seafood, fried foods. Champagne's best delight comes in oysters, fried chicken, and triple cream cheese. Play with variations on the theme—fresh and fried food from the sea, creamy cheese extravaganzas. The tickle from the bubbles are there to remind you. You're alive. Throw a party and get down.

Smaller producers and bottles to seek out: Besserat de Bellefon brut blanc de blancs for great texture and a lightly savory flavor, or Jacquesson Avize, a vintage approach w an elegant focus and hints of citrus.

From larger houses: Billecart-Salmon blanc de blancs for a nice light toasty nut flavor, Ruinart's version offers a pretty, delicate floral-fruit touch.

About the Artist: Hawk Wakawaka is a wine drawing philosopher with a heart of gold. She also writes the website Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews.