New from Compass Box: Delilah's Blended Scotch Whisky

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Yesterday, Compass Box released a new limited edition Scotch whisky blend in Chicago, in collaboration with Mike Miller, the owner of Chicago's famous punk bar, Delilah's. The Delilah's blend was created in honor of the bar's 20th anniversary, and will be available nationwide starting September 1st.

According to John Glaser of Compass Box, Miller "wanted a Scotch whisky blend that, in his words, 'thinks it's a bourbon.'" So the whiskies in the blend spent some time in contact with new American oak, bourbon-style, for a touch of sweetness.

This light colored limited edition Blended Scotch is bourbony in scent, too: bright and vanilla-touched and hinting at sweet Kettle corn. The whisky's flavor is liquid butterscotch—you won't find much dark caramel or any smoke here. Though this one flares a little hot for sipping neat, it's an easy sipper when you add an ice cube and the creamy texture and honey flavors all come out to play. This blend feels light enough for early fall, or an end-of-summer fresh mint julep, sweetened with honey or nothing at all.

Suggested retail price: $65 for a 750mL bottle.

Tasting sample provided for review consideration.