3 Cocktail Recipes Using Fresh Tomatoes

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[Photographs: Autumn Giles]

In an effort to maximize my consumption of amazing farmers' market tomatoes, I'm up for trying them in just about anything—even cocktails. Obviously, you can pair up peak-season tomatoes with vodka for a classic Bloody Mary, but perfectly ripe tomatoes also play well with gin and tequila to make clean-tasting, unexpectedly savory cocktails.

Fresh tomato juice can also be cost prohibitive if you don't have a garden bursting with heirloom tomatoes, and many recipes require cooking to prevent separation. To avoid losing the star ingredient's super-fresh flavor and to keep our cocktails from getting super-pricey, I followed Kenji of The Food Lab's recommended method for adding tomato flavor to spirits: To make the tomato-infused booze for each of these drinks, blend a ripe beefsteak tomato with the base alcohol to make a puree, then strain out the pulp. The resulting spirit has just enough bright tomato flavor, making it perfect for mixing.

Fresh Tomato Martini


Not unlike a ripe, in-season tomato, the tomato vodka in this drink doesn't need a lot to dress it up. This is the cocktail equivalent of slicing up a beefsteak and showering it with crunchy salt. Here, a little bit of good dry vermouth, a touch of white wine vinegar for acidity, and—you guessed it—a pinch of salt make for an elegant seasonal cocktail.

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Tomato Margarita with Fennel Salt


A savory, salty, sour margarita is the perfect place for the tomato. To keep this cocktail clean-tasting, with tomato at the forefront, skip the triple sec. Tomato tequila, lime juice, and agave are complemented with an aromatic homemade fennel salt made with toasted fennel seeds.

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Tomato Gin Cobbler with Peaches and Basil


Playing with a handful of ingredients that can walk the line between sweet and savory, this drink is a bit of a surprise and a total crowd-pleaser. Starts by muddling juicy peaches and fresh basil, then adding a pour of London dry gin blended with beefsteak tomatoes. Fruity, herbacous, and tart, this sipper is the perfect way to hold on to late summer.

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About the Author: Autumn Giles is a writer in Queens, NY. You can see her work on Autumn Makes & Does, listen to her talk on the Alphabet Soup Podcast, and talk at her on Twitter.