5 Cool Vintage Punch Bowls on Etsy


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We're always eyeing The Boston Shaker and Anthropologie for cool cocktail glassware, but it's more fun to find drink gear that's authentic to the era of the cocktails you're serving. Flea markets are the ideal source, and online, we've scored on both eBay and Etsy. Here are five recent find that are up for grabs: vintage punchbowls that would make awesome party centerpieces (or gifts for friends who like to entertain.)

Many of these sellers only have one of these items, so once they're gone, they're gone...(Though you can search for similar things, and Etsy has new stock every day!)

Silver-Rimmed Set from RustBeltThreads


[Photo: RustBeltThreads]

This Dorothy Thorpe-style 'roly poly punch bowl set' from the 60s is ideal for anyone planning a Mad Men-themed happy hour. The set includes a shiny 10" by 8.5" bowl and ten squat silver-edge tumblers. It's a little spendy at $195, but it would make a snazzy wedding present.

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Milk Glass Set from Sodish


[Photo: Sodish]

This vintage punch bowl would look especially great displayed in a dark cabinet: it's made of opaque white glass. The set includes 10 handled cups, and it's listed for $75.

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Tom & Jerry Set from KathysKollectables


[Photo: KathysKollectables]

This set from the 40s was used for the classic Christmas cocktail made with eggs, brandy, spices, and rum. This set includes a dozen mugs so you're ready to throw a holiday gathering as soon as the weather gets cold.

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Hobnail Punchbowl from Wearesellingit


[Photo: Wearesellingit]

Hobnail patterned glassware tends to be super expensive—see this gorgeous punchbowl set at $349 and this blue one that's $375—but this bowl and platter set is listed for $95 and has that same nubby texture.

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1950s Norse Punchbowl Set from Whatnotandsuch


[Photo: Whatnotandsuch]

This $95 midcentury-style punch set from Federal Glass Company includes a punch bowl and stand, plus metal cup holder, eight cups, and ladle. It's a bit less ornate than many of the other options on Etsy.

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Do you ever buy cocktail gear on Etsy or eBay? Any particular sellers you recommend?

About the Author: Maggie Hoffman is a Senior Editor at Serious Eats, based in San Francisco. She founded Serious Eats: Drinks in 2011. You can follow her on Twitter @maggiejane.