Pairings Pictured: Riesling from Alsace

Wine Pairings

We help you pick wine to drink with the food you eat.

Note from the Artist: Wine and food are opportunities for pleasure and sharing. But wine can often be seen as daunting, making pairing it with food feel difficult. I draw illustrations about wine to express the fun and love for the experience that can also be found. In this series, I want to share a quick insight into wines that are great for the season and the foods they love to spend time with. Enjoy!


Click to enlarge. [Illustration: Hawk Wakawaka]

Dry Alsatian Riesling comes in crisp, and lean (without any sweetness), offering opulent flavors and juicy acidity. That means it's versatile with food. The flavors of the wine can lend a bit of character for mild foods: this wine goes easily with white fish and mild goat cheese.

But here's a secret not everyone knows: thanks to its cultural roots, Alsatian Riesling craves pork—pancetta, sausage, potatoes fried in pork, leg of pork, pork belly—but it gets along swimmingly with salty seafoods too. Riesling from Alsace has enough sophistication to hold up to stronger flavors like salmon roe gracefully, and not be daunted. I also like to sip a glass on its own.

Producers to seek out: Weinbach Cuvée Théo, Ostertag, and Trimbach.

About the Artist: Hawk Wakawaka is a wine drawing philosopher with a heart of gold. She also writes the website Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews.