8 Deliciously Weird Beers We Tried at the Oregon Brewers Festival

[Photographs: Adam Lindsley]

Once a year, brewers from across the country—though mostly from the Pacific Northwest—converge in Portland, Oregon with kegs aplenty for the hugely popular Oregon Brewers Festival. Regularly drawing lively crowds of 80,000 or more, the OBF moves into its 26th year with an 84-beer lineup ranging from standard fare to ales and lagers brewed specially for the festival, with a growing emphasis on unusual ingredients. We headed to the festival with the intention of going after the most offbeat tipples available.

One of the more notable aspects of the 2013 selection was the proliferation of beers made with fruit, which take up nearly a quarter of the festival's entire taplist. A Berliner Weisse with marionberries, an IPA with grapefruit and coconut... fruit is definitely "in" this year. Dark beers were few and far between, with lighter malts representing an overwhelming majority in the offerings. Other offbeat beers include an ale spiced with cardamom and cumin, and a beer fermented with yeast cultivated from the brewmaster's beard (yes, you read that correctly).


It all starts here: An empty glass and a bag of tokens. At that point, the rest is up to you.

Pop over to the slideshow to see our 8 favorite off-the-wall unusual but delicious beers from the Oregon Brewers Festival.

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