Battle Your Hangover with Pizza from RedRocks in Washington DC


[Photo: Justin Cohen]

There was a time that I believed a fried-egg topped cheeseburger was the pinnacle of a good hangover meal. The runny egg's the key, of course, oozing over a food that everyone already loves. Our friends at RedRocks Neopolitan Bistro have taken this philosophy to heart with their Hangover Pizza.

Their creation is a pizza layered with housemade ground sausage and fingerling potatoes (which are roasted a bit before going on the pie). They crack an egg in the center, along with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese, then move the pie into the brick oven to cook for three to five minutes. (It's hot in there.)

Naturally, my first step in eating it was to break the runny yolk of the egg and spread it around the pizza... and the result was glorious. It made me wonder for a moment if I should be putting a runny yolk on all my meals. Combined with the sausage, melted cheese, potatoes, mild tomato sauce, and slightly charred thin crust, the egg took this pizza to a perfect limbo state between a great breakfast and lunch and left me in a state of bliss.

I should warn that it is a knife and fork job, since the weight of the potato chunks turns out to be too much for the flimsy crust. Regardless, it turned out to be a great meal... and just what the hangover doctor prescribed. If you're anywhere near RedRocks' four DC-area locations, you can feel comfortable taking that extra shot of Fireball at 2 a.m. knowing that this pizza awaits you in the morning.

RedRocks Neapolitan Bistro

Four DC-area locations, 202-506-1402;