Cool Art for Beer Lovers: Single Hop Prints


Kohatu single hop print and Chinook single hop print. [Images: Committee On Opprobriations]

Gifts for beer lovers are so often cheesy; there are only so many bear-shaped bottle openers a homebrewer needs. But if your favorite beer fanatic also has an eye for design (and a little bit of empty wall space), you should know about the single hop project from the Committee on Opprobriations.


Fuggle single hop print and Willamette single hop print. [Image: Committee On Opprobriations]

These striking giclée prints give a visual representation of a wide range of hop varieties—sure, you know about fuggles, but what about green bullet hops? Triskel hops? Green bullet? The prints share info about how the hop is used in brewing and its levels of alpha and beta acids, as well as where and when the variety originated. (The website also lists some commercial beers you can seek out in order to taste each hop.)

The prints come in multiple sizes, from 8" x 10" for $17 up to 28" x 37" for $60, and are also available as stretched canvases.

Thanks to Mike Reis for the heads up on these!