Ask a Cicerone: What's Your Least Favorite Style of Beer?

Ask a Cicerone

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Editor's Note: Ask a what? A Certified Cicerone® is a beer expert who has passed a particular certification exam administered by the Craft Beer Institute. You can think of them as beer sommeliers: these folks have demonstrated significant beer knowledge and tasting skill, plus professional skills in beer sales and service.

Beer professionals are quick to tell you what brews they're excited about, whether it's a wild-fermented sour or a great local saison. But what about the beers that don't float their boats? Are there styles that just don't appeal? We asked 9 cicerones to tell us about their least-favorite beer style and the stylistic trends they wish would go away. Here's what they had to say.

What about you? What beer style just isn't your thing? Tell us what it is and why in the comments below.