Ask a Cicerone: What's The Perfect Summer Beer Style?

Ask a Cicerone

Beer tips from the experts.

Editor's Note: Ask a what? A Certified Cicerone® is a beer expert who has passed a particular certification exam administered by the Craft Beer Institute. You can think of them as beer sommeliers: these folks have demonstrated significant beer knowledge and tasting skill, plus professional skills in beer sales and service.

We're coming on August, so depending where you are, it's blazing-hot, humid, sticky (in New York) or dreary, foggy, gray (in San Francisco...I hear October's nice?) Either way, we'd all be doing a little better with a beer close by. If you could have a beer expert choose the perfect summer brew for you, serve it up cool, and fresh, you would. Well, we can't put the beer directly in your hands, but we can ask our Certified Cicerone buddies to recommend the best possible choice. What's the best beer style for summer? We asked 8 beer pros. Here's what they had to say.

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