11 Best Drinks from Tales of the Cocktail 2013

[Photos: Carey Jones unless otherwise credited]

It'd be impossible to calculate how many drinks I sipped at Tales of the Cocktail last week, because something new ends up in your hands at every turn.

It's perfectly normal to turn the corner and see snowflakes falling—from a snow machine, in the middle of a steamy New Orleans July day—and have a bourbon-laced snowcone handed to you. Or walk down the street at 10am and find yourself with a hopped vodka Bloody Mary. Or go out to dinner expecting three drinks and end up with eleven. And that's before you even get to the parties, where thirty mixologists might be shaking up thirty drinks at a single event.

But from seas of nearly indistinguishable cocktail memories, there were a few undisputed highlights. Here are my eleven favorite drinks from Tales this year. Did anyone else attend? What were your favorites?