The Best Beers We Tried at Philly Beer Week 2013

Event Recaps

Highlights from beer festivals and cocktail celebrations.

[Photographs: Christopher Lehault]

Pennsylvanians have a long beer history to be proud of. D.G. Yuengling & Son, America's oldest brewery, still calls Pennsylvania their home, and today there are over 100 other breweries in the state. But the beer scene excels beyond the locals: California's famed Russian River Brewing Company started distributing here because of one tiny Belgian café. And several much-lauded breweries (such as Chicago's Half Acre) distribute here and no where else outside of their home town. There is something that seems to draw great beer to Philadelphia, and Philly Beer Week is a celebration of the city's great fortune.

This year's Beer Week featured the return of annual favorites like the Opening Tap, Lost Abbey's Sour Hour, Memphis Tap Room's No Repeat Beer Week, and the Throwdown in Franklintown. But it was also an opportunity to check out new events and new breweries including local rising stars Round Guys Brewing Co., St. Louis' Perennial Artisan Ales, and Maryland's Evolution Craft Brewing Co.

We hit the pavement (and 90-degree heat) to see if the City of Brotherly Love does beer as well as they do cheesesteaks and parking tickets. The answer: most definitely. Check out our favorite sips from Philly Beer Week in the slideshow above »