So This Exists: Girl Scout Cookie Flavored Coffeemate


[Photo: Max Falkowitz]

Last spring I tried many, many flavors of Coffeemate for the sake of science. And I'll proudly admit it: I love the 'mate. Sure, this line of flavored nondairy creamers has its hits and misses, but I'm always game to try a new flavor.

We really love Girl Scout Cookies here at Serious Eats. We've enjoyed them in many forms, including brownies, ice cream cakes and even boozy milkshakes. Surely combining Girl Scout cookies with coffee is the logical next step, right?

Well, almost.

Thin Mint Coffeemate

The first interesting thing to note about this new Coffeemate flavor is that it smells exactly like the classic Girl Scout cookie. Not like mint, not like chocolate and mint, but exactly like Thin Mints. So, I was hopeful. But boy, was I wrong. All kinds of wrong. I think I can honestly say even if you do like coffee with a chocolate-mint flavor, you will not like this stuff. It tastes nothing like it smells. There's something oddly sour and pungent, and it left a strange cold feeling in the back of my throat. It's not even overly sweet, like the Peppermint Mocha flavor. It's

Caramel and Coconut (Samoa) Flavor Coffeemate

I adore Samoas. Caramel and coconut aren't even high on my list of favorite flavors in general, but this cookie has jumped to the top of my Girl Scout cookie preferences. After the Thin Mint flavored Coffeemate, I proceeded with extreme caution. The samoa version doesn't give off a strong scent, which I figured at that point was probably a good thing. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that this flavor does great in coffee. Don't expect anything subtle—it's super sweet and coconutty, but if you are looking for a coffee treat, this stuff will do the trick. In fact, in iced coffee this would be downright delicious.

Has anyone else tried these?