Would You Try Yogurt Liqueur?


[Photo: Maggie Hoffman]

When I first found out that Lucas Bols Amsterdam had released a yogurt liqueur, I couldn't help but feel squeamish. I wondered: "Is it milky? But shelf-stable? Is it thick?"

The stuff claims to be made from "real fresh yogurt" and it has a pleasant scent, not that different from, say, if you held a bottle under the nozzle at Pinkberry. I poured a little on ice and examined the recommended recipes (Top Bols Yogurt off with Champagne? That one makes me nervous.)

Though it smells only like sweetened yogurt, the flavor packs a boozy punch, even though it's just 15% alcohol, around the level of strong red wine. The texture is similar to 2% milk, but it's definitely as sugary as melted ice cream.

But any lover of smoothies won't be surprised to learn that this yogurt liqueur is pretty good when mixed with muddled fruit. I was quite successful with ripe strawberries (a touch of lemon doesn't hurt), but you could also use frozen berries instead of ice to eliminate some dilution. Or go Frappuccino-style, cutting the yogurt liqueur with coffee or Kahlua, and maybe spiking the mix with bourbon.

Of course, you could skip the Bols and experiment with making cocktails with your favorite brand of yogurt, spiked with whatever booze you prefer...

Would you try yogurt liqueur? What would you make with it?