Ask a Cicerone: How Far Have You Gone For Beer?

Ask a Cicerone

Beer tips from the experts.

Editor's Note: Ask a what? A Certified Cicerone® is a beer expert who has passed a particular certification exam administered by the Craft Beer Institute. You can think of them as beer sommeliers: these folks have demonstrated significant beer knowledge and tasting skill, plus professional skills in beer sales and service. Got a beer-related query for the experts? Ask away in the comments section!



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For a number of reasons, you can't always get the beer you want easily. Maybe it's that the brewery doesn't have the capacity to provide beer to faraway cities, maybe it's arcane distribution laws, maybe it's that a brew is only being released once as an experiment or special occasion. But true beer lovers won't let the challenge stand in their way.

Whether it's flying to another city or another country, road-tripping all night to be at the brewery when a bottle is released, or carefully wrapping special beers for trading by mail, beer obsessives find a way. We asked 30 beer experts for their tales of triumph and woe: what was the most effort they've ever made to try a beer? Which beer was it, and was it worth the travel or the complicated scheme? Here's what they had to say.

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