We Try the New Newcastle Bombshell Blonde Ale


As the weather heats up, our minds turn to easy-drinking beers; brews that refresh and don't bog you down with too much alcohol. Good ol' Newcastle Brown Ale satisfies that low-ABV pint requirement (though we often find that the clear bottles are skunked by the time they get to us) but Newcastle's trying to get in on the summer refreshment game with a new limited edition pale blonde ale, clocking in at 4.4% ABV and 28 IBUs.

If you're hosting a crowd and looking for a creamy golden beer to serve with hot dogs and bratwurst on the grill, this might be it. It's pretty rich tasting, with a crackery-biscuity core that leans toward sweetness (perfect for accompanying your hot dog buns and calling out for a squirt of mustard.) The beer is hopped with Cascade, Hallertau, and Northdown hops, and the result is lightly fruity and not very bitter. (We bet it would be good with a picnic of cold fried chicken, too.)

Where does this beer fit into our fridge? This malty ale is not going to cut through the heat the way a bitter IPA or ice-cold lager might, but we appreciate how flavorful and mouthfilling it is, especially when served with food. Some might find Newcastle Bombshell overly filling for hot-weather drinking, but we'd love to offer it to the bitter-beer averse who are stuck in a hefeweizen rut.

Have you tried this new Newcastle? What did you think?

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Sample provided for review consideration.