Coming Soon to CA: Headlands Brewing Company


Coming this June. [Logo courtesy of Headlands Brewing Company]



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The Bay Area's cup overflows with amazing small-production locally-sourced beer right now. Bay Area drinkers are sucking down the suds faster than they can be produced, and local entrepreneurs (and, thankfully, well-informed investors) are taking the hint. Patrick Horn (co-founder of Pacific Brewing Laboratory), Phil Cutti (head brewer for Southpaw BBQ), and Inna Volynskaya (who has worked in operations for Lagunitas and Oakland's Community Grains) are three such entrepreneurs. Their project, Headlands Brewing Company, launches late this June.

Named for the Marin Headlands, a region most famous for its hiking trails and outdoor sports, the company seeks to produce a product that reflects and embodies the local pride and outdoorsy spirit so famously connected to their namesake.

Brewmaster Phil Cutti has plans for three beers at launch time: a Belgian IPA called "Belgian RyePA," a hoppy "West Coast Pils," and an aggressive "West Coast Pale Ale," each to be brewed at Belmont, CA's Devil's Canyon Brewing Company and packaged in kegs and cans. An array of seasonal offerings is planned as well and will include barrel-aged sour beers and hopless gruits.

Their initial tenancy at Devil's Canyon is hoped to be short-lived. Fueled by a recent injection of investor funds, the crew is currently scouring the Bay Area for a physical location to build out their own 20-30 barrel brewhouse.

Ready to try these new beers? Keep an eye out toward the end of June—they have several events in the works all over the Bay Area, and will be broadcasting their plans shortly on their Facebook, Twitter, and website.