9 Mezcal Cocktails for Cinco de Mayo

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If you're looking to experiment with mezcal this Cinco de Mayo, some options are easy: try swapping it out for tequila in a margarita, or make a smoky Bloody Maria variation if you're starting early in the day. But if you've read up on mezcal and you really want to get into it, there's a world of cocktails out there for you: savory ones with Scotch, rich ones with ginger, cool variations on classics and original cocktails popping up in bars everywhere. Here are 9 recipes we love from top cocktail programs around the country ยป

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Ahumado Seco from La Condesa in Austin
Napoleon's Loss from 1534 in NYC
The McQueen from Mary Queen of Scots in NYC
La Palabra from No. 9 Park in Boston
No. 8 from Whitehall in NYC
Flor de Muertos from Rickhouse in San Francisco
Schrodinger's Cat from Ward III in NYC
Brush of the Bush from JBird in NYC
Rosa Amargo from Mayahuel in NYC

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