What to Drink Over Memorial Day Weekend


Blueberry lime rickey [Photo: Autumn Giles]

What are you up to this weekend? A picnic, a party? Some grilling? Us, too...and we're really excited. We've been running around grabbing ingredients for an epic barbecue, but we wanted to make sure you were covered on the drinks side, too. From punch and sangria to beer and wine, here are a few of our recommendations to get you inspired for the long weekend. (Don't forget to drink water, while you're at it.)



[Photo: Dave Katz]

It's important that every party offer some alcohol-free options. Though you could cop out and serve store-bought lemonade, your guests will be much more impressed if you make your own. Or offer a lemonade bar with a few options, like Kenji's Raspberry Limeade, Cucumber-Basil Lemonade, and Spicy Strawberry Jalapeño Lemonade. If you're lucky enough to live somewhere where peaches are already in season, celebrate your good fortune with a pitcher of Peach and Thyme Lemonade.

You're not limited to lemonade, though. How about some creamy homemade toasted coconut horchata or a tart blueberry-lime rickey? Or make a rhubarb shrub (it's easy, we promise!) and serve booze-free rhubarb lime gimlets. Or go old school and make soda-fountain style chocolate phosphates.

In case your guests need a little caffeination, make a batch of cold-brewed tea in the fridge. That's right: sun tea is actually better without the sun.



[Photo: Kelly Carámbula]

Since strawberries are starting to appear at our local greenmarket, we're pretty excited to whip up a batch of strawberry sangria. Our recipe is made with sparkling wine for an extra bit of fun.

Watermelon with a squeeze of lime makes a delicious and unusual watermelon sangria with the addition of a little rum. A minty garnish will add a lovely aroma to this juicy drink.

If the weather ends up being warm, we'll reach for crisp, tart white sangria. This Sauvignon Blanc-based version is unusually delicious with the addition of a little herbal gin and orange bitters. Starfruit make for a festive garnish.

Kelly Carámbula's spring rosé sangria calls for fresh and spicy ginger syrup. Frozen grapes keep things chilled and a variety of citrus adds a little interest.

We also love this fruity apple sangria based on a recipe from Diana Barrios Treviño. The secret ingredient is half a cup of applesauce added to a mixture of fresh orange and lime juice and a few cups of decent red wine.

Pitcher Cocktails


[Photo: Heather Meldrom]

If you're starting early, this brunch-friendly variation on the Salty Dog which calls for freshly squeezed grapefruit, tonic water, and tequila or mezcal is a nice way to launch the party.

This Negroni-inspired punch is refreshingly bittersweet. It's made with Aperol, gin, and loads of citrus juice, and lightened with a bottle of sparkling wine.

If you like it bitter, try this pretty pink blend of Campari, tequila, and tangerine. It's easy to mix for a crowd and not too boozy, thanks to the addition of seltzer water.

Hibiscus tea gives this rum cooler a bright, tart flavor, with the help of lots of fresh lemon juice. It's light in alcohol and plenty thirst-quenching.

The Perfect Pimm's Cup is easy to make by the pitcherful, and fun to deck out with loads of cucumbers, apple, lemon, orange, and strawberries. We like it diluted with Sprite or 7-Up, though you can also use ginger ale.

Ripe cantaloupe makes a deliciously fruity but not-too-sweet melon margarita, cut with plenty of fresh lime juice. You can blend these up a few hours in advance, but don't be surprised if you find yourself stealing sips of the chilled mixture out of the fridge.


American Wheat Ale

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