Hangover Helper: Steak and Eggs at No. 308 in Nashville, Tennessee

Hangover Helper

Just what the doctor ordered.


[Photographs: W.S. Lyon]

Heading back to the bar on Sunday afternoon might not be your first, most obvious choice for a cure. Unless of course that bar is Nashville's No. 308. With its spacey vibe and its stoner-food plates piled high, the brunch here is designed with heavy-hitters at heart.

First off, it's never crowded. Patrons can sit in or out, out being the popular choice for the large groups of young women, in being the M.O. of the bearded young men. And it hits that sweet spot of timing: the drinks come quickly and the food not far behind, but the conversation and laughter all crawls at a hangover pace. Could be something to do with the synth pop and soul vibrating out of the light box—well, really it's more of a backlit, life-size diorama. A silhouette-of-a-DJ spins his records for the entire three-hour brunch (1 to 4 p.m.), and the music is a welcome sedative.


The menu is simple but spot-on. There's the Huevos Rancheros ($8) with a bed of Cuban black beans, salsa and cheese topped by a sunny side egg and served in a fried tortilla shell. Just the right amount of spice and weight and messiness while remaining on the fair side of greasy. The Pork Belly Benedict ($10) is a bit of a specialty. The meat is seared and served on a biscuit topped with a poached egg and maple butter hollandaise. Just for good measure, in case your the "I need to replenish my vitamins" type, a crisp snap pea salad is served on the side.


But the simply named Steak & Eggs ($8) is the hero of the day. Shredded hash browns are made into a neat little bed, and then sullied to perfection by slice upon slice of just-pink, grilled flatiron steak. Two poached eggs come floating on top, finished with a generous portion of tangy chimichurri. And though technically you can have the eggs any style, it's hard to imagine going scrambled on a plate like this, which begs for a little yolk to tie it all together.


Of course, the drinks are a draw, too. One of Nashville's best cocktail bars by night, serves up hangover greatness by day. Order a Mimosa ($6) with their fresh-squeezed OJ or Red Snapper ($6) with a house-made bloody mix. Or ask for whatever you want, like an original Mai Tai ($10) with fresh lime, house-made orgeat, Dry Curacao, Appleton Rum and a lightly spanked sprig of fresh mint. That heady aroma is just the tonic you'll need to slide into a Sunday bliss.

About the Author: W.S. Lyon wanders high and low places with a book in one hand and a drink in the other. He writes, works and lives in Nashville, TN.