5 More Cocktails Everyone Should Know

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The response to last week's list of 25 cocktails everyone should know was—let's say—vocal. Though I do believe the original 25 are the true essentials, stretching the number to 30 allows us to include a few more excellent drinks to have in your arsenal.

These five cocktails include four well-known classics as well as the Improved, a drink that was, I'd venture to guess, nearly forgotten until David Wondrich yanked it from obscurity in his book, Imbibe. The drink merits inclusion not just because of its historicity but because it's simply a tasty, elegant cocktail. Check out the slideshow above for the 5 drink recipes I most regretted not including last week »

Just Five More...

Pegu Club
Corpse Reviver #2
Caipirinha Ok, ok....Mojito