A Look at the Beer Cocktails at Brew Exchange in Austin, TX

[Photographs: Melody Fury]

One year old Brew Exchange's concept is simple: each beer's price fluctuates depending on the time of the day and its popularity. During "market crash", the prices for all 100+ beers drop to rock bottom.

A few weeks ago, head bartender Phil Vuong and his team launched a brand new beer cocktail menu. Shandies may dot beer menus around Austin, but this is the first complete beer cocktail menu that I've found in the city.

"We're proud of our beer selection but want to let people know that we're always experimenting," explained Vuong. His challenge was to showcase the beers without letting other ingredients overpower them. "Flavors in liquors are more concentrated than flavors in beers" he explained, "we don't want to mask either flavor, and our aim was to make them complementary."

The drinks range from rich and nutty to fruity and refreshing. They are still experimenting to expand the cocktail menu to include more seasonal beers in the near future. Check out the slideshow to get a look at Brew Exchange's 5 most popular beer-and-booze concoctions »

Brew Exchange

706 W 6th Street, Austin, TX 78701 (map) 512-366-5727