Ask a Cicerone: What's Your Favorite Session Beer?

Ask a Cicerone

Beer tips from the experts.

Editor's Note: Ask a what? A Certified Cicerone® is a beer expert who has passed a particular certification exam administered by the Craft Beer Institute. You can think of them as beer sommeliers: these folks have demonstrated significant beer knowledge and tasting skill, plus professional skills in beer sales and service. Got a beer-related query for the experts? Ask away in the comments section!



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It's starting to get hot here at Drinks HQ, which has us thinking about afternoon drinking outdoors. But if you're going to start early, you shouldn't start too strong. (Back in the day when people drank beer with breakfast, they weren't sipping Extreme Ultra Imperial Triple IPAs.) So we're seeking out the most delicious beers designed for a long session of sipping. We asked 29 beer experts for their top picks. Here's what they had to say.