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Start your morning off with a margarita-flavored beer, or a bit of philosophy related to winemaking. Try the Elephant Dung coffee stout at your own risk.

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Over at The New School, Brian Yaeger wishes that brewers would stop calling everything an IPA.

Deadspin asks: Why Is There A Strawberry Margarita In My Light Beer?

On First We Feast, Joshua M. Bernstein, Chris O'Leary, and Chris Schonberger talk about big issues in the beer world including contract brewing, hard-to-find cult beers, and the dangers of beer ratings.

Would you try Elephant Dung beer? Huffpo reports on a coffee stout made with coffee beans that passed through an elephant's digestive tract.

An oldie-but-goodie from Serious Eats: how to get started homebrewing outside, and why you should do it.

Spirits and Cocktails

The Cone

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A source for vintage cocktail glassware.

Lots of folks got behind the white whiskey trend. But how do you feel about brown gin? Camper English follows the trend in aged gins, including the soon-to-be-released Burrough's Reserve Gin from Beefeater, which is aged in Jean de Lillet oak barrels.

Jeffrey Morgenthaler on how to make a proper mint julep.

On Esquire, David Wondrich explores the aperitif.

Jacob Grier shares a Bloody Mary recipe inspired by Indonesian cuisine.

From the SE archives: great unaged mezcal and delicious aged tequilas for sipping.



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On Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews, a lecture to UC Davis winemaking students on what it means to be a winemaker and being open to the choices that follow.

The Napa Valley Register's obituary for George A. Vare Jr., who cultivated the first and largest planting of Ribolla Gialla in the US.

The Wine Curmudgeon on diet wine and why we're stuck with it.

On the Heritage Radio Network, Eric Asimov of the NY Times chats about why wine can feel intimidating, the downside of rating wine on a point scale, and the evils of tasting notes.