Snapshots from the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin

Behind the Scenes

Your ticket into the secret world of boozemaking.

[Photographs: Erin Zimmer]

The most popular tourist destination in Ireland? Nope, not the Book of Kells at Trinity College or the Blarney Castle. It's the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. Situated on St. James Street in an industrial complex overlooking the rest of the city, this is where Guinness has been brewed since the stout's inception in 1759.


But to clarify, the Guinness Storehouse that's open to visitors is not the physical brewery; it's a six-story (pint-shaped!) museum full of interactive exhibits explaining the Guinness brewing process and its Irish heritage. Oh, and of course there are plenty of opportunities to score the freshest pints on the planet, the best being the rooftop bar with its 360-degree views of Phoenix Park and the rest of Dublin.

Two things you shouldn't leave the Guinness Storehouse without doing: trying all of the Guinnessified foods at Gilroy's Restaurant (Guinness brown bread, Guinness-cured salmon, Guinness stew, Guinness brownies...) and of course learning how to pour a proper pint, which takes precisely 119.5 seconds. Learn how and see more snapshots in the slideshow!