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You hear a lot about emotional eating and why you shouldn't do it. But what if one of your longest and most evolved relationships is with a smoothie?

The Frozen Monkey and I go way back. Before kids. Before London and the suburbs. Before kale and bacon were meta. Before mere mortals had food blogs. Even before I was a lawyer and then wasn't anymore. Back to 2003. It's our 10th anniversary, to put a price on it.

The original Frozen Monkey came from Hoboken, NJ's erstwhile cafe of the same name. That establishment was Hoboken's first Tasti D Lite purveyor, back when at least a certain segment of the population could utter such facts with genuine enthusiasm. The original shake combined brewed coffee, a sliced banana, and the Tasti D flavor of your choice. It was genuinely delicious and arguably breakfast. We went through a lot together.

Fast-forward a decade. Much has changed. New humans. New continents. New food preferences. But the FroMo and I are still an item. These days I make it with strong shots of espresso, homemade almond milk, "one-ingredient ice cream" (a.k.a. frozen bananas), ground flax seed, and a hit of raw cacao powder. We've grown and changed together, just as you'd expect from an enduring relationship. Nothing out of the ordinary to see here.

In fact, the only strange part—until recently, a mystery to me—is why I haven't written about this smoothie before. Those of you most inclined to love the FroMo have probably already figured it out. It's because on days when there's one sitting around to photograph, my morning coffee is in it. And a decade of devotion or no, ain't nobody writing nothing until the coffee's in me.

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