Our Favorite Smoothies in Portland, OR

[Photographs: Miranda Rake]

With summer just around the corner, and even a few sunny days under our belts, it's finally time to shed our heavy winter oatmeal breakfasts and hot soup lunches in favor of lighter, brighter ones. Like, say, big, colorful fruit and vegetable-packed smoothies. Here in Portland, you have a wide range of options.

Craving something sweet and fruity, with frozen yogurt and lots of berries? Southeast Hawthorne's cheery, lime green Kure juice cart has options to please the kid in you. If you're looking for something a little more virtuous, an Alberta-area cart, Sip, offers lots of green versions, packed with spinach, avocado, and kales. Tucked in to the palace of pranayama known as Yoga Pearl, Prasad serves up smoothies boosted with ingredients like bee pollen, hemp protein and flax oil, perfect for refueling after a hard workout (but delicious enough to sip even if you skipped yoga.)

Whether you're seeking breakfast-on-the-go or an after-school snack, these 6 smoothies are the best Portland has to offer. Check them all out in the slideshow ยป

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Drink These Now
The Golden at Prasad
It's Always Sunny at the Greenleaf Juicing Company
The Diehard at Sip
Maca Madness at Sip
Grand-Daddy Purple at Kure Juice Bar
Hangover Helper at Kure

About the Author: Miranda Rake is a writer and editor living in the land of milk and honey, known to most as Portland, OR. She has a particular weakness for cheese, potato chips and Champagne. You can follow her on Twitter @mirandarake.